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The Tour des Trois Vallées Cycling Weekend


Explore the hidden depths of Dieppe, an enchanting coastal town that blends history, natural beauty, and delectable cuisine. Journey with us through rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, and quaint streets. Indulge in mouth-watering culinary delights, and be captivated by the charm of this gem on the French coast. Dieppe is a beautiful town with a long esplanade, a castle, a marina, an amazing Saturday market and an excellent selection of bars and restaurants.

2024 will be the 52nd anniversary of the first Dieppe Raid cycling weekend based on the Dieppe Tour des Trois Vallées event. In 2023, 250 travelled from the UK to France to enjoy a very warm weekend of cycling around Dieppe. 


The event is a series of cycle rides organized by Cyclo-Club Dieppois based on the country roads and lanes in and around Dieppe, offering various distances (from 30k to 140k) to suit both families and cycling enthusiasts. A walk is also offered for non-cyclists. The Tour des Trois Vallées is an international event started in 1972 by Neville Chanin, a well-known cyclist who travelled the world by bicycle. It was established in commemoration of the Dieppe Raid in 1942 where horrific losses were suffered by the British and Canadian allies. Neville continued to participate in the event every year until his sad death in 2010. 


The Tour des Trois Vallées is a great way to introduce less experienced cyclists to cycling in France and every year we have people who really enjoy the experience. On the other end of the spectrum, many experienced cyclists also return every year. Rides can be ridden on any type of bike and children are welcome. ​ 

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